Västkustdansarna is a performance group that was formed in 2004.

The group members are from various dance associations in the Gothenburg area.


Our purpose is to show and communicate the joy of the traditional Swedish folk dances and

“gilles” dances, while at the same time to preserve a valuable cultural heritage.


We also want to develop the dances. Therefore, our members have made choreography for many dances too, which have been highly appreciated.


We usually have our performances at rest homes for elderly people and at different associations, but we also have examples on events like the colourful “Hammarkullen Carnival”, “Fiskaredansen” in Grebbestad , “Lysekilsdansen” and “Oskarshamnsdansen”.


We have danced in Estonia, Hungary and Croatia, and have had exchanges with various dance groups . We also meet other dance groups in Sweden and get an ongoing exchange of dances with them.


During 16 years, in February, we have organized a highly valued “Afternoon and Evening Dance” related to the “Nordstadssvängen” where dancers from Skåne and up to Gästrikland are represented.


We will be happy to dance for you. We will adapt our dances and the number of dancers due to space and if desired we will gladly dance with you and may even teach you one or two dances.



The address of our website is : www.vastkustdansarna.se



For more information and bookings contact:

Björn Janefeldt                  phone +4670 7646533                 Email: elisabjornja@gmail.com

Lars-Åke Liljengren            phone +46031 916147                 Email: lassesdans@hotmail.com


Org.nr: 802429-3899.   Mail: Mejerigatan 14, SE-412 76, Goteborg. Sweden